Traditional Braces (Metal Or Gold)

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Your smile is our priority, and we are committed to helping you achieve and maintain optimal oral health. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your smile, address dental concerns, or simply maintain your oral well-being, Plano Top Dental is your trusted partner on your dental journey.

Metal braces are the most common type of braces, crafted from high-grade stainless steel to be small, comfortable, and attractive. At our clinic, we use versatile metal twin braces that allow for precise three-dimensional control, resulting in efficient and comfortable tooth movement. These braces consist of brackets bonded to the teeth’s outer surface, connected by a wire. Additionally, patients can personalize their braces with colored ties, selecting new colors at each appointment for a fun and customized experience.

Gold-coated brackets offer a unique option by combining the durability of stainless steel with the aesthetics of rose gold. These brackets provide the same control for tooth movement while allowing patients to personalize their treatment with colored ties. This option is particularly appealing for those seeking a blend of functionality and aesthetics during orthodontic treatment.

Never Hide Your Smile Again

At Specialty Plano Top Dental, we specialize in clear aligner treatments that can transform your smile. Our orthodontists customize aligners to fit your teeth, offering a virtually invisible alternative to traditional braces. This comfortable and predictable treatment allows you to straighten your teeth effectively while maintaining your lifestyle and doing the things you love.
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Highly Qualified Dentists

Dr. Jeison Smith Dentist-Orthodontist
Dr. Benjamin Rogers Dentist, Oral surgeon
Dr. Alex Coredero Dental Therapist
Dr. Simona Willams Dental Assistant


Fixed braces treatment typically lasts 2 to 3 years, but duration can vary based on complexity. After braces are removed, you will receive removable or fixed retainers to maintain teeth alignment. Retainers are crucial for preserving corrected alignment over time.

Follow-Up and Maintenance:

Schedule a follow-up visit with your dentist approximately 1-3 months after receiving retainers. Subsequently, align dental visits with routine 6-month checkups for ongoing maintenance and monitoring.

Consult with our dental specialist to determine the best orthodontic treatment for you. Share your concerns, such as aesthetics, comfort, and budget, so we can tailor the treatment plan accordingly to meet your needs and preferences.