The Most Common Root Canal Myths

What is root canal treatment?

A root canal is actually not the treatment but a part of a tooth. The hollow part of the tooth carries blood vessels, tissues, and some other cells referred to as the pulp. A tooth includes a root and a crown.

The crown is located above the gums while the roots are below it. The roots help in the tooth’s attachment to the jaw bone. Just inside the root canal, or say crown and root, is the pulp.

The pulp helps nourish the tooth and provides moisture to the nearby materials. Inside the pulp are nerves that sense hot and cold temperatures as discomfort. The name of the dental process that is usually called root canal is named endodontic therapy. This means inside of the tooth.

A root canal therapy includes:

    • Cleaning the root canal by removing everything inside the root canal.
    • Filling the root canal by cleaning, then shaping and sterilizing the root canal is filled with a rubber-like material with the help of adhesive cement to cover the canal.
    • Addition of a crown or filling. At this step, the crown will be more sensitive than before. A tooth without pulp has to be provided with some nourishment from the ligament that is attached to the tooth and bone. This supply is enough, but after some time, the tooth will become more fragile, which is why a crown or filling is done to protect it.

Well, there are a lot of myths related to root canal therapy. Below mentioned are some of them.

1. The treatment is excruciating

In the past, root canal therapy was thought to be an excruciating procedure. While in modern dentistry, the dentist uses anesthesia and advanced technology to lessen the pain of root canal therapy. People must understand that root canal therapy is done to get relief from the pain, it might sound scary, but its ultimate goal is to vanish the tooth pain.

When the dentist prepares the patient’s mouth for root canal treatment, they remove the damaged tissues that cause the pain. Once the dentist completes the procedure, the pain will fade away. This is because the dentist removes the pulp causing discomfort to the patient.

Even if the pain is persistent in the tooth, the patient is provided with some medication to get some relief from the pain. Also, remember that root canal treatment may cause discomfort, but it vanishes within a week.

2. Root canal treatment causes illness

It is said that you may get a disease at a later stage or will face some illness. This is a myth and false claim. In no sense this could be true. On the contradictory, you are removing the damaged tooth that could have been harmful or disease-causing. Hence, by removing that tooth, you are decreasing the chances of getting the illness.

Hence, root canals are in no sense harmful to your health in the present or future. To get the best desirable treatment, search for the best root canal treatment in Plano or wherever you live.

3. Getting a tooth extraction is a better option

A root canal treatment is done to save the tooth. A dentist’s priority will be to preserve the natural tooth in any way possible. The dentist will want to keep your tooth as you need it for chewing food, and a missing tooth never looks pleasing to the eyes. They give an aesthetically unpleasant look.

Only in severe cases will a dentist choose to pull out the tooth. If there is no choice left, the tooth is to be pulled out, or it may infect the neighboring teeth too.

Wisdom teeth are usually taken out, and no root canal treatment is done. Wisdom teeth are located at the innermost corner of the mouth and are very difficult to treat. The rest of the teeth can still be treated by any means and can be saved.

Root canals are said to have a high success rate and to last long or even a lifetime. If you feel like the issue is very severe, then you can ask for tooth implants or a bridge in place of the root canal. Look for the best dentist in Plano or whichever place you live in to get the best treatment possible.

4. It takes a lot of appointments

Some people think that the root canal procedure is much more difficult. But in reality, they are not so tedious and can be completed within 2-3 appointments.

The foremost step to be done by a dentist is to check that root canal therapy is the last option left for the patient. Then appointments are taken, and the damaged or infected pulp is removed from the tooth. After this, the root canal treatment begins. If the dentist notices serious tooth damage, they may refer the patient to a specialist to go on with the root canal treatment.

Root canal therapy is usually done in 2-3 appointments. You can search for the best dentist in Plano if you reside in Plano.

5. It is an expensive treatment

People have this misconception that root canal therapy is something out of budget. But the cost of endodontic treatment varies from place to place.

At some point, you may think that why to get root canal therapy. Well then, you can guess how much damage it will cost later on. The higher the damage, the higher the price you will have to pay, so ultimately, it becomes cost-efficient.

The other option you get is tooth extraction, and the cost of replacing your tooth with an implant or bridge is typically more expensive. Also, an extraction might lead to malocclusion or incorrect alignment of the tooth, which will cause difficulty chewing food.

6. Root canal therapy is risky

In no sense is the root canal treatment risky. On the contradiction, it is one of the best treatments for fixing your roof canal. If you avoid tooth damage and keep postponing it, it will get risky for you, and you will be more prone to health problems.

So, get your root canal treatment as soon as possible. It is the best way to treat your root canal. Try to get the best dentist possible for the treatment. If you live in Plano, then you can search for the best root canal treatment in Plano. You will find a lot of good dentists there, like Plano top dental.

Bottom line

There are several myths about root canals, and it’s a treatment that must be debunked. All these things scare people from getting the proper treatment for themselves. A root canal is a normal process performed all the time, and there is no harm related to them. If you want to know more about the root canal treatment then read What Should You Expect After A Root Canal

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