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At Specialty Plano Top Dental, we are dedicated to transforming smiles and improving lives. Established in September 2023, our state-of-the-art dental practice was founded with a vision to provide top-notch, comprehensive dental care under one welcoming roof.

Your Smile, Our Priority

Your smile is our priority, and we are committed to helping you achieve and maintain optimal oral health. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your smile, address dental concerns, or simply maintain your oral well-being, Plano Top Dental is your trusted partner on your dental journey.

Early Orthodontic Treatment

Certain conditions may qualify a child for early preventive orthodontics. Consulting with an orthodontist early can identify issues that impact jaw growth and tooth health, such as

crossbites to prevent pain or damage to the teeth and gums, address issues that will worsen over time, or correct significant aesthetic concerns. Early intervention may be advised for crowded teeth to preserve adequate space for the eruption of adult teeth.

We involve children in every step of their orthodontic care, explaining procedures gently and ensuring a relaxed environment to keep them at ease throughout the process. Our goal is to create positive and enjoyable experiences for children during orthodontic visits, fostering

excitement and comfort that many of our young patients eagerly anticipate.

Orthodontic Treatment For Kids: Creating A Healthy Smile

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends visiting an orthodontist around age seven. While orthodontic treatment may not be immediately necessary, an examination can detect developing issues that are easier to treat at an early age before they worsen.

Around age seven, children typically have a mix of baby (primary) and permanent teeth. An orthodontic examination at this stage provides valuable information to the orthodontist. If a

problem exists or is developing, the orthodontist can recommend the appropriate treatment, determine when it should start, and estimate its duration. This early assessment allows for proactive management of orthodontic issues to achieve optimal results.

By age seven, the first adult molars typically erupt, establishing the back bite. During this evaluation, we assess front-to-back and side-to-side tooth relationships and identify any potential problems. Timely screening increases the likelihood of achieving an incredible smile.

Signs Your Child May Need Orthodontic Care

Early or Late Loss of Baby Teeth

Losing baby teeth too early or too late can cause problems for the permanent teeth that
are supposed to replace them.

Difficulty Chewing Or Biting

If chewing is painful
beyond typical teething discomfort, it may
indicate underlying orthodontic problems that need attention.

Mouth Breathing

While orthodontists cannot directly correct mouth breathing, they can address and correct orthodontic issues that may develop as a result of this breathing pattern.

Jaws Shifting Or Clicking

Shifting of the lower jaw from a bite problem can cause jaw pain and other dental issues.

Orthodontists are experts in evaluating and aligning teeth for proper function and comfort.

Cheek Biting

In a normal bite, the upper teeth’s outer cusps keep the cheeks away from the lower chewing surfaces. If your child often bites their cheeks, it could indicate a crossbite or another chewing-related issue.

Facial Imbalance

The appearance of the lips, chin, and other facial features is influenced by the alignment of the teeth and jaws. Orthodontists assess the relationship between teeth, jaws, and facial structures.

Orthodontics Treatment For Teens: Straight, Healthy, Confident Smiles

Most teenagers should have lost all their baby teeth and have all adult teeth except for wisdom teeth or third molars. The average orthodontic treatment time is typically 12-18 months.

Whether you’re aiming for the perfect smile for graduation, sports team photos, prom, or just close-up selfies, we’ve got you covered!

Many of our patients begin orthodontic treatment between ages 11 and 16. During these years of robust growth and development, we can move teeth efficiently and comfortably, utilizing a range of treatment options. Socially, pre-teens and teens benefit from undergoing orthodontic treatment alongside their peers, often experiencing a boost in self-esteem and confidence throughout the process.

Why Do Teens Need Orthodontics?

Orthodontics for Teens can address common orthodontic issues and detect underlying problems that only an orthodontist is trained to identify. Anytime you or your child have concerns about your teen’s smile, it’s the right time for an orthodontic evaluation.

We recommend a complimentary consultation with an orthodontist if you notice: 

  •  Protrusion of teeth.
  •  Difficulty chewing or biting; biting the inside of the lips or mouth  Excessive space between teeth.
  •  Abnormal teeth alignment  Shifting or noisy jaws.
  •  Overcrowded teeth.
  •  Challenges with flossing or brushing due to crowding.
  •  Signs that your teen may be hiding their smile due to appearance concerns.

Benefits To Addressing Orthodontic Needs During The Teen Years:

Orthodontics for Teens not only ensures a lifetime of happier, more self-confident smiles but also promotes better oral and physical health by aligning teeth and jaws properly. These benefits often include:

  •  Shortened treatment time.
  •  Reduced need for tooth extraction.
  •  Preservation of space for unerupted teeth and room for crowded, erupting teeth  Improved facial symmetry and aesthetics by stimulating jaw growth.
  •  Maintenance of tooth health and reduced risk of damage to protruding teeth.

Orthodontics Treatment For Adults: Happier Smiles, One Treatment At A Time

Orthodontics, or teeth straightening, is no longer limited to children and teenagers. It can benefit anyone who wants to enhance their smile, and there are now more options than ever for adults seeking orthodontic treatment. Making the right decision for your smile is crucial.

A growing number of orthodontic patients—25%—are now adults. Many adults seek treatment to maintain their health, as teeth can be moved at any age. Technological advances offer more aesthetic options like clear aligner therapy (such as Invisalign®) and clear braces, along with

comfortable nickel-titanium wires, requiring fewer office visits.

Orthodontic treatment in adulthood can significantly enhance personal appearance and self- esteem while improving dental health. Crowded teeth and a poor bite can contribute to gum

disease, bone loss, tooth decay, enamel wear, headaches, and jaw joint (TMJ/TMD) pain. These issues may worsen with clenching or grinding habits, common in today’s stressful lifestyles.

Both Dr. Alkhoury and Dr. Aswad underwent orthodontic treatment as adults, allowing them to empathize with adult patients’ expectations, concerns, and clinical challenges. We understand that adult patients desire orthodontic treatment that is aesthetic, efficient, comfortable, and quick. Therefore, we consistently incorporate innovative orthodontic techniques that appeal to adults.

Dr. Alkhoury and Dr. Aswad have successfully treated adults of all ages, including those over 70 years old. Regardless of age, adult orthodontic treatment can achieve a beautiful, healthy smile.

Reasons to Consider Adult Orthodontics

Adult orthodontics has become increasingly popular due to several benefits associated with orthodontic treatment for adults:

  •  Improved Looks and Enhanced Self-Esteem: Enhancing your smile can significantly boost your appearance and self-esteem, positively impacting how you are perceived by others and how you feel about yourself.
  •  Improved Health: Orthodontic treatment helps address oral health issues such as gum inflammation due to spacing or difficulty cleaning crowded or crooked teeth. Proper alignment reduces plaque buildup and lowers the risk of tooth deterioration and decay.
  •  Resolution of Shifting Teeth: Adults may experience shifting or crowding of teeth over time, which can be corrected through orthodontic treatment to improve alignment and aesthetics.
  •  Correction of Bite Problems: Orthodontics can address jaw issues like underbites or overbites, improving swallowing and chewing functions and enhancing overall quality of life.

Our doctors at Specialty Plano Top Dental will collaborate with you to determine the most suitable adult orthodontic treatment to meet your needs and goals. Whether it’s enhancing

your smile, improving oral health, or addressing specific dental concerns, we are committed to helping you achieve optimal results through personalized orthodontic care.

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