How Long Does It Take to Get A Root Canal?

The term root canal might sound dreadful to the majority of people. They imagine cutting tools being operated on their teeth and fear getting it done. Thankfully, it’s not as bad as you imagine it to be. And you will be surprised to know that the procedure doesn’t cause pain, but the infection of your tooth can lead to it. A root canal is a procedure developed to remove pain and infection from the tooth to make it healthy. For this procedure, you must choose a dentist to avoid complications carefully. Plano Top Dental can be a good choice if you are looking for root canal treatment in Plano.

A proficient dentist will aim to complete the procedure fast and reduce the pain you experience. However, you will have to take out a minimum of one hour if you consider a root canal. Want to know how much time it takes to complete the root canal? Read this text.

What Is a Root Canal?

The pulp chamber in the tooth with blood vessels, nerves, and pulp is known as the root canal. It also establishes connections between your teeth, gums, and roots. Also, each root will have a root canal, and some might have more than one root canal. And if it gets infected, you must get a procedure done to rectify it. If you don’t get it treated, there is a high risk of spreading the infection. It can also hamper all other parts of your body. The tooth might also turn black or yellow, and you might also feel pain. 

The only alternative for root canals is tooth extraction. While a root canal is preferable, you must ensure that you go for an experienced dentist. For instance, if you are looking for a dentist in Plano, Plano Top Dental can be a great choice. An experienced dentist can ensure better proficiency; hence you can also get great results. A root canal is a complex procedure, and you might face adverse effects if not performed properly. Also, removing teeth can cause more pain, which might impact your overall health. Therefore root canal with a safe procedure can do the job.

How Many Visits Does It Take To Complete A Root Canal?

Know that if you are considering a root canal, you may need two or more visits to the dentist. An efficient dentist might take time but can provide better results. You can go to Plano Top Dental for root canal treatment in Plano. The first visit will always be about cleaning the infected areas and removing damaged tissues in the tooth. This process needs high concentration and care for the expected results. Also, the first visit will need more time, and you must be patient. Later an antibacterial medicine will be placed in your tooth. It will ensure that you don’t feel pain after your first appointment. 

The second appointment will be for cleaning and disinfecting purposes. After removing those tissues, it’s necessary to ensure that your tooth is clean before sealing it. Once your dentist disinfects it, they will seal the tooth in that appointment. Plano Top Dental is a dentist in Plano, tx, that follows the best procedure to ensure your tooth is free from all risks. The tooth is then sealed using material that looks like rubber. Also, a filling, permanent or temporary, will be kept.

What Time Does It Take To Complete A Root Canal?

If the root canal procedure is simple and consists of only one canal, it might take about 30 to 60 minutes. But if you visit a dentist, be prepared to spend 80-80 minutes for a single session. It is because it might depend on dentists and the level of complexity. Do you know why a root canal needs enormous time? Because in this procedure, your nerves need to be carved, disinfected, and rinsed out. Also, many teeth have various pulp canals; hence your dentist has to look after them. Additionally, the setup for this procedure might take up time. Here is the expected time that a root canal might need for each type of teeth.

  • Molar teeth

These teeth are present at the back of the mouth; hence your dentists might need more time to perform a root canal. Removing roots from the end might consume more time, and the rest procedure also requires minutes. Hence, if you want a root canal for molar teeth, you will need about 90 minutes.

  • Premolar teeth

The teeth present behind the anterior and just before molars are known as premolar teeth. These teeth have two roots, and you will have to spare a good amount of time to complete the procedure. Almost one hour might be necessary; hence make sure you have that much time on your hand.

  • Canine and incisors

The teeth you see at the front of your mouth are canine and incisors. They are generally used for tear and cut applications as you chew. These teeth have one root; hence your dentist can fill and treat the root effortlessly. Though when it comes to front teeth, the dentist might need about 45 minutes to finish the procedure. And if you need to put on the crown, the time might also increase. If your dentist puts the crown in the same appointment, it will need an hour extra. You will have to choose the best dentist in Plano, tx.

What Is Oral Care To Be Taken After Root Canal?

In general cases, you will have to wait 1 or 2 weeks for crown placement and end the procedure. During the procedure, restrict your diet and turn to softer food. Also, avoid food that can harm your tooth. Regularly rinse your mouth with warm salt water to ensure it is free from food particles. Food particles stuck to the tooth under the root canal can be harmful. Make sure you follow oral hygiene to keep your teeth healthy. Brush two times and floss properly two make your mouth free of bacteria. Also, don’t consume sugary foods and drinks. Check with your doctor regularly about the health of your teeth.

Healthier Teeth For Happier Life

Plano Top Dental can be a good choice if you consider undergoing root canal treatment and finding a dentist in Plano, TX. Their experts can help you minimize pain during the procedure and even provide efficient results. Just book an appointment with them to ensure your teeth are healthy. Read more about the What Should You Expect After A Root Canal.

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