Debunking 5 Dental Implant Myths!

Are you looking forward to replacing some of your teeth, or are your tooth damaged, but the myths about dental implants scare you? Then you are at the right place. Here are the top 5 myths about dental implants that will be debunked so that people won’t be afraid of getting dental implants. But before that, let’s first understand what a dental implant is.

What is a dental implants?

Dental implants are meant to restore a missing tooth. Implant dentistry will insert an artificial structure in the place of that tooth or teeth in that person’s jaw bone.

There are structures like crowns used to anchor the new tooth to the jaw bone. These are custom-made to fit perfectly in the patient’s mouth, and also the color of the tooth can be altered to look as natural as possible.

A device named abutment connects the new artificial tooth to the dental implant. The crown is made such that it looks much like a natural tooth. If you are thinking of dentures, then here are some pros of dental implants over dentures:

  • More comfortable and natural
  • Have a higher success rate
  • Will improve the chewing function
  • There are much fewer chances of getting a cavity in the nearby teeth.
  • Results in better maintenance of jaw bone at the place of the missing tooth
  • It will decrease the chances of sensitivity in the surrounding teeth.
  • You don’t have to take them out and clean them every night.

However, even after so many benefits of dental implants, you will still have to check if you are eligible for dental implants. The implant device must attach to the jaw bone, so you need to have a healthy jaw bone before going through dental implant surgery.

There are two types of dental implants – endosteal and subperiosteal.

The most common type of dental implant is endosteal. Implant dentistry will embed these in the patient’s jaw bone, and each of these can hold one or more artificial teeth.

These are affixed on the top of the patient’s jaw bone when it comes to subperiosteal. This is chosen for those patients who have less height to their jaw bone.

When it comes to the cost of dental implants, then these are some key factors that affect the dental implant cost:

  • Type of implant required
  • Number of the missing tooth to be replaced
  • Location of the implant inside the jaw
  • If any other procedure is also required to prepare for the surgery

If you visit a dentist, they will tell you how much it will cost for a dental implant. If you have some dental insurance, then provide them with it, and they will tell you how much of the cost the insurance will cover.

However, there are other dental procedures too that you may like that are less expensive, like bridges, but maintaining bridges is a bit too difficult. They need to be cleaned and frequently need replacement or repairing, ultimately increasing the overall cost. Meanwhile, dental implants may give you long-term benefits if you take good care of them. Suppose you are looking for good dental implants in or near Plano, then search for dentist Plano TX.

Now, let us debunk 5 dental implant myths to get you going with a beautiful smile after getting a dental implant.

1. Dental implants are aesthetic and cosmetic

Back to the time when these were used as aesthetics or as functionality, this is something that, in today’s time, we don’t know. Today, we know that dental implants are skin deep, similar to a natural tooth.

If you understand the structure of a tooth, this will help you know how a dental implant works. The living roots are connected to the teeth below your gums, which can’t be seen by naked eyes to properly anchor the teeth in place. This ensures positive stress chewing to the teeth.

Loss of bone is one of the unsought cons of missing teeth. The jaw bone will become smaller in size and go back into the body because there will be less positive stress acting on the jaw bone. The natural structural support for the cheeks and mouth is reduced as the bone recedes.

Dental implants can also replicate the entire tooth structure, including the root. The most near to a replica provides the patient with almost all the desired pros of smile restoration, protection of the shape and structure of the face and mouth, and prevention of bone loss.

2.Fewer chances of dental implants being successful

Implantology is said to have a high success rate because of the trials and errors that the dentist goes through initially. With the help of biocompatible materials and modern dental technology, the success rate of dental implants is near 95% to 98%.

3.Dental implants can’t be as strong or durable as the natural teeth

With the aid of Osseointegration, the procedure in which the dental implants are fused in the jaw bone, now the dental implants are almost complete replicas of the strength, functionality, and look of a natural tooth.

3. Need to take too much care of dental implants

The care and maintenance of a dental implant are just like taking care of your natural teeth just as soon as the dental restoration phase is completed. Your dental implants may last as long as a decade or even a year, depending on how good care you take of your dental implant.

Take regular good care of the dental implant by having a proper daily dental care routine, regular hygiene, and prosthetic replacement.

5. Dental implants are way too expensive

Dental implants are way too expensive procedures!’ If you are going for a dental implant, you would have heard this phrase very often. While this is agreeable, the upfront cost of a dental implant is high compared to the upfront cost of other choices for tooth replacement. But many reasons make that better than the other procedures in the long run.

If you get a dental implant, you will permanently replace your missing tooth. A dental implant, as stated earlier, will also prevent the jaw bone from atrophying. This will help lower the expensive medical bill later. You are no more repurchasing prohibitively expensive dental appointments.

If this procedure seems to be expensive for you, then short and long-term financing choices will fit your situation and help you get the dental care you require.

Bottom line

A dental implant is a procedure used to replace a missing tooth. Dental implant surgery has many myths about it because of its name, or it can be due to the initial process, which might have been a bit tedious and uncomfortable. Still, with the help of today’s technology, this procedure has been much pain-relieving and has many long-term benefits.

The most common myth about dental implants is that they are very painful. People must know that these procedures are meant to relieve the pain, not build up more pain. A dental implant does follow with a bit of pain and sensitivity at the initial stage, but later on, it goes away, and there are also over-the-counter medications if you feel like you can’t bear the pain.

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