Common Misconceptions About Dental Implants and the Truth Behind Them

There are a few different tooth replacement options that your dentist will discuss with you if you’re missing a tooth. If you are considering getting an Implant Dentistry in Plano to replace a missing tooth, you should ensure you are well informed before making a decision, and for good reason too. Even the prospect of a dental implant may make you anxious, but don’t let false information about implants that you may read or hear prevent you from repairing your smile.

Here are a few misconceptions and truths about those –

Myth – They Do Not Feel Or Appear Natural

The truth is – Implant Dentistry in Plano mimics natural teeth in both appearance and feel. Because implants are permanently fixed in place and merge with the bone, they contribute to a natural function and do not require painful adhesives or removable equipment. They also help with diction, allowing the patient to talk without worrying that their implants will move. Moreover, they offer stability and support during chewing.

Myth – Implants Are only Effective For a Few years

The Truth is – The lifespan of many dental restorations is only a few years or so. The only exception is dental implants in Plano. They can last for many decades, according to studies. Although implants have a very high success rate, you are still responsible for adhering to the post-operative recommendations that are given to you after the treatment. The chance of your implant failing increases if you do not adhere to the recommendations.

Myth – Dental Implants May Be Quite Painful

The Truth is – Following your dental implant implantation operation some discomfort and swelling are typical. Nonetheless, you should experience little to no pain during the actual surgery. Also, you can minimize any discomfort you experience while recovering if you carefully adhere to your implant dentist’s post-operative advice. In reality, the majority of patients discover that everything goes much more smoothly than expected!

Myth – It Takes a Lot of Work to Maintain Implants

The Truth is – Implants are not as delicate as you might first believe. Implants require minimal care, and all that is needed to maintain an implant is the same frequent tooth brushing and flossing. Moreover, an implant is more resistant to tooth decay, cavities, and other dental problems than your natural teeth, making them even more durable.

Myth – Implants Are Just for the Young People

The Truth is – Age has no bearing on a person’s suitability for an implant. Instead, a restorative dentist will assess a patient’s general health, the strength of their jawbone, and the condition of their gums. It’s these that matter, not a person’s age. Any age group can gain from implants.

Myth – Surgery Limits Your Diet

The Truth is – Dental implants don’t restrict your diet in any manner. You can eat anything you normally would. Following an Implant Dentistry in Plano, you could have some discomfort when chewing, but this will pass quickly, allowing you to consume, chew, and bite into any meal you’d want.

Myth – Recovery Is Protracted

The Truth is – Your jawbone will need some time to adapt to the new implant, after your dental implant surgery. You will need a few months to do this. If you’re still not sure if a dental implant is the best choice for you, schedule a consultation with Plano Top Dental to see how our staff can assist you in restoring your smile.


Although any surgery has some risk, dental implant surgery has a 95%–98% success rate on average. Implants can never be lost or fall out unless in extremely unusual circumstances. The majority of patients are thrilled with their new teeth, and few things in life have such a high success rate. Please get in touch with Plano Top Dental in Plano, TX, if you’re considering implants. If you are a good candidate for implant surgery, we will address your concerns and schedule an appointment in our welcoming office. We anticipate hearing from you.