Are Dental Examinations And Cleanings The Same Thing?

Probably having regular dental exams is the best thing you can do for your teeth. In addition to being quick and painless, preventative dental care also makes financial sense because it can save up to $50 in dental treatment costs for every dollar spent.
However, there is a lack of knowledge of its significance; many people are unaware of the distinction between dental cleanings in Plano and an examination. To help you figure it out here is all you need to know about both processes.

What Is a Dental Exam?

During a standard screening treatment known as a dental oral exam, also known as a dental checkup, the dentist will inspect your teeth to find any issues with your dental health. A thorough dental examination can aid in the identification of anomalies like oral cancer, despite the fact that it is typically linked to issues like cavities and loosened fillings.

What To Expect During A Dental Exam?

Depending on your circumstances, your dental exams in Plano may involve a variety of procedures, but generally speaking, you can anticipate the following:

  • X-Rays: These are the most effective methods we have for identifying malignancies, bone loss, degradation, and cysts. Additionally, they enable us to view your teeth and roots more clearly.
  • Examining existing restorations: They’ll examine any crowns, fillings, or other restorative work you may have to make sure everything is functioning properly. We’ll mention if any repairs or replacements are needed.
  • Screening for oral cancer: Your throat, face, tongue, gums, neck, lips, and tissues will all be examined to check for any indications of oral cancer.
  • Examining for tooth decay: They’ll check every tooth with professional dental instruments to check if there’s any decay.
  • Screening for gum disease: They’ll check your gums and the bones around your teeth to see if there are any signs of periodontal gum disease.

Your dental exams in Plano may have additional steps if you have a history of a specific type of oral health issue or experiencing any pain.

What Is Dental Cleaning?

A dentist will first examine the teeth and gums before doing a basic cleaning. The tartar is then eliminated using scalers. A dental hygienist will use teeth polishers to polish the surface of the teeth after removing the tartar and will then rinse the mouth out.
You might receive treatments in addition to those listed if you have a history of oral health problems or are experiencing a particular condition on the day you visit us. But regular dental cleanings in Plano consist of:

  • Removing plaque: Many individuals are unaware that plaque contains a thriving bacterial colony. When food remains on the surface of your teeth, it feeds and multiplies if it is not removed. As it consumes food, it creates toxins that might irritate your gums and lead to periodontal disease. It is challenging or impossible to entirely eliminate plaque without a professional dental cleaning since it is sticky and nearly invisible.
  • Removing tartar: Tarter can only be removed with tools used by a skilled dentist in Plano because it can be found both above and below your gum lines. Tartar is essentially hardened plaque that has remained on the tooth and formed an attachment to the tooth.
  • Polishing teeth: Usually, polishing the teeth comes last. Plaque and stains that weren’t removed during your regular teeth brushing and flossing practice will be removed during this phase by your hygienist using expert dental equipment.

If you have severe dental anxiety, getting a checkup may seem like something you can worry about later. Don’t be fooled, though; even if your teeth seem to be in perfect health, skipping a scheduled treatment might have negative effects.
On the other side, routine checkups and cleanings can actually save you time and money and make the appointment more pleasant, in addition to preventing significant oral health issues. So don’t disregard your dentist’s advice the next time you listen to it. For more details check A Teeth Cleaning And Examination: What To Expect.
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